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Online Gambling in the USA is Actually NOT Illegal at All

At the time when Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was put into law in the US, lots of people thought that US players would not be able to gamble any more. Some online gambling sites even began to bar US residents. Now, some people are still thinking that online gambling is impossible for US players, though it is actually not illegal at all. is the website informing US players of their ability to play poker, blackjack, slots and other games on the Internet. There, players will find description of how the law works and why it is still possible to gamble online. The site also lists poker rooms, sportsbooks, USA microgaming online casinos accepting US players and gambling sites offering US online casino bonuses, often over 100%matching. In addition, the website offers information and details about how to make deposits now that the new guidelines are in place.

The site informs players about USA deposit methods (900Pay, Bank Transfers and Bank Wire); how players can deposit funds by means of credit cards, debit cards or electronic checks; how to use money orders and the newest service, UseMyWallet.
No doubt that such detailed information will enhance US players’ online gaming experience.

Mobenga Partners with Unibet

Having partnered with Malta-based Unibet Group, Swedish mobile games developer Mobenga is to develop mobile services for the online casino provider. As a result of the deal, Unibet customers from all over the world can access a full odds offering along with live betting.

The application is claimed to be very simple. It is supposed to utilize salient features in order to take advantage of Unibet’s brand recognition. Besides, being modularly built, the application will allow easy expansion with new modules, functionalities and games.

The partnership is believed to be thrilling, prosperous and mutually profitable.

Christian Rajter, Chief Executive Officer for Mobenga said: “Unibet’s experience and engagement into this project has been very valuable to us and really shows in the quality in the end product. We look forward to a long and prosperous partnership.”

Cutting-Edge Casino Games – Result of Successful Agreement

Cantor Gaming player will soon be able to enjoy new exciting games based on the characters from Heavy Metal magazine.
This fresh, vibrant, original and innovative idea has become possible due to the agreement between Cantor Gaming and Heavy Metal Magazine owned by Kevin Eastman, co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles brand.

Mr Eastman commented: “I am delighted to have reached an agreement with Cantor Gaming to bring the unique characters and storylines to a new marketplace…”

Manu Gambhir, Managing Director of Cantor Gaming said: “…The games will be edgy, highly animated and deliver a completely new experience to our players.”

CryptoLogic Partners with Betjacks

According to the agreement between CryptoLogic Ltd and Betjacks, a new online gaming site, CryptoLogic will be the sole provider of Internet casino and poker software to Betjacks. The Irish, UK, South African and Canadian markets are the target for Betjacks.

“CryptoLogic and Betjacks will work together to develop an exciting new site that provides a superior entertainment experience to players around the world,” said Brian Hadfield, CryptoLogic’s President and CEO.

The agreement seems to be profitable for both companies. CryptoLogic has got the exclusive rights to provide Betjacks with Internet casino and poker software, while Betjacks will feature this software and integrate key white label brands into the company’s Internet poker, casino and proprietary eCash in 2009.

Three West Montgomery Residents Arrested

Justin Franciscotty, his wife Ana and Justin’s sister-in-law Stephanie Uselton, West Montgomery residents, were arrested on June 17, 2008. All of them were charged with second degree money laundering.

The charges came about after an investigation into an illegal online gambling operation. The operation was being run through an illegal website based in Costa Rica (it looks like an offshore gambling operation, but you can’t operate offshore from the U.S.).It was found during the investigation that the trio was receiving large amounts of money through the U.S. Postal Services.

Inside the house, police found some envelopes that came from different parts of the country, and the room set up with several different satellite feeds, to watch the games that were being bet on.

Police confiscated pricey jewelry and three computers that are believed to give more leads into the case.

Viva Macau’s Site – the Confluence of East and West

If you are looking for cutting edge technology and superior theme design, quality and service, there is nothing better than Viva Macau’s site ( ). Before taking a trip to Macau, first you can live it online there.

With decades of experience, Viva Macau is able to meet Customers’ various gambling needs.

Viva Macau’s Sportsbook offers a range of sports wagering options. So, customers can wager on their favorite events such as international soccer, football, basketball, baseball, boxing, tennis, golf, etc. Besides, customers can choose a wager to their liking: parlays, teasers, If-Wagers and Reverses

Viva Macau’s Poker room is one of the few online poker rooms offering safe playing in the online environment. Its software incorporates a comprehensive set of utilities to reduce fraud and collusion. This year the poker room will feature $1.4 million in freeroll poker tournaments. Moreover, every day players can compete for entry into Aussie Millions, the Asia Pacific Poker Tour, and other popular land based events.

Viva Macau’s Casino offers more than 50 different games: slot machines, video poker, keno, blackjack, baccarat, craps, roulette, pai gow poker, Caribbean stud and more. Customers can play there for fun, and moreover, they can play there as often as they like – there is no download or registration required.

Betsson is Ready to Compete with the Monopolies in Iceland

In spite of the fact that gambling is illegal in Iceland, there are several organizations like the Red Cross, SAA and the Icelandic rescue squads that run slot machines on the grounds of having government permission. Moreover, Icelandic laws do not forbid online companies to compete with the monopolies of the government permitted organizations.  And in accordance with these laws and need for competition to increase the benefits of the customers, Betsson is planning to open up a gambling store in Iceland.

Betsson has already started advertising for its online gambling in Icelandic newspapers and on TV. Unfortunately, advertising for gambling is illegal in Iceland. So, the company might have a law suit on their hands.

Attempt to Reverse Shrinking Market

Sportech, a football pool site, attempting to attract a younger market and enlarge a customer base, has partnered with 888 – industry giant.

In the opinion of industry experts, this deal is a massive move for Sportech. In accordance with the agreement, Sportech’s New Football Pools games have to compromise the historic Littlewoods, Vernons and Zetters brands, marketed across all of 888’s online gaming sites.

Sportech Chief Executive Ian Penrose said: “This is a strong strategic partnership for Sportech. This fits exactly with our strategy of reinvigorating the pools business and delivering an enhanced and modern product for today’s gaming customers.”

888’s C.E. Gigi Levi called the deal a “milestone agreement”.

Will Tennis Rid Itself of Shady Influences?

The Association of Tennis Professionals is fed up with the scandal from its sport after a series of online gambling debacles involving questionable matches. It was revealed that many players had heard or had information that players were often approached to throw matches. More than 45 matches have been identified as suspicious. Many of the players involved in suspect matches are international stars.

To solve the problem, first, the Association decided to form an agency investigating corruption, and second, strict new rules to curb match fixing will be enforced.

If players are involved in illegal gambling, the Association may ban them from three years to lifetime. Besides, fines exceeding $50,000 will be applied.

In case of a revealed attempt or invitation to fix matches, players will face harsh consequences.

Players, trainers, coaches, and all family members will be barred from any form of tennis wagering.

The association is increasing the number of security guards at tennis sites and in locker rooms. Access to players will be limited. Match information will be guarded until released to the public.