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Trinette Brasseur – was born in Canada but soon her parents moved to Toulouse, France. In 2000 Trinette graduated from the Nationale Superieure d’Electroniaue, d’Electrotechnique, d’Informatique et d’Hydraulique de Toulouse. A professional programmer-analyst, Trinette started investigating gambling professionally. No wonder the lady got entirely involved into the process! She can give you a lot of stunning facts about roulette and poker.

Breach Warning

The BC Lottery Corporation had to shut down its Play Now online casino gambling site on its launch day as a result of security compromise causing the leak of personal information of account holders. An attempt to re-launch the site has actually failed too, as gamblers other than account holders were still able to access player accounts and important security data was accessible too.

Unfortunately the account breach is still active, and the company has not overcome the security issues yet. Initial reports say that the security breach compromised some player accounts and at least $8,000 was wagered illegally.

Odds Changing

Betting on live and ongoing sports matches is absolutely fantastic thanks to the fact that nothing is steady there and everything may suddenly change. That is why online casino betting companies should keep an eye and be ready to switch up the betting odds.

Similar situation happened this year when Mexico’s soccer team won out France in this year’s World Cup. Initially, the odds makers thought France to be the favorite for the win, while Mexico was a weaker shot. As it turned out, French soccer team not only lost several matches, but also failed in the Cup as a team which is even worse. No wonder, online casino odds had to be adjusted.

Massachusetts’ Resident Breaks the Law

Todd Lyons, Massachusetts’ resident, has been charged by federal authorities for illegal Internet gambling operations. Todd Lyons is reported to be the first person from that state to be charged with breaking the rules as provided by the UIGEA.

Lyons was arrested for his connection as the prime representative in Massachusetts of Sports Offshore, an Antiguan bookmaking operation. He was charged with money laundering, racketeering and operating an illegal gambling business. He’s been released on $200,000 bail. He should appear in court on June 21st and is about to face 20 years in prison for each of the main counts.

What are the Chances of Online Casino Betting in Greece?

Numerous attempts of the EUROPEAN Commission to make Greece stop operating a monopoly and give outside online casinos and betting companies a chance to compete in the market have failed. Greece is still running OPAP, a state-run gambling and betting company, which is the only to accept land and internet bets. However, OPAP has recently experienced some revenue problems and now the company is petitioning the Greek Government to fully legalize online casino betting in the country.

In view of current economic situation in Greece, chances to legalize online casino betting are very high, but it will be the side of OPAP only, as the Government of Greece still wants to have a whole lot of market control.

Black Diamond Advises of Switchover

Black Diamond Casino has announced that it is going to operate on an entirely new gaming platform of its sister site, Box24. Black Diamond will shut down soon and then reopen with all accounts intact, but already on a new platform offered by Rival Gaming.

The new platform will allow Black Diamond’s players to enjoy a greater selection of games. The switchover to a new platform is promised to be seamless and shouldn’t take longer than 24 hours.

Washington Authorities Shut Down FantasyThunder

A Washington based man who ran the FantasyThunder betting site is reported to be under arrest for operating an illegal online casino betting site. The website has been operating for nearly ten years allowing players to place bets on a variety of games and sports. Unfortunately, this year the website has gone under and has been unable to payout winnings what resulted in the arrest of the man in the charge of the betting site, David B. Watkins.

In spite of the fact that online gambling industry is illegal in the state of Washington, Watkins was operating the online betting site and taking bets from all over the world on a wide variety of sports. Recently, Watkins has notified players that the site is illegal and is to be shut down, and there is no money to either reimburse players or payout winnings.

Players’ complaints have drawn attention of Washington authorities to the illegal betting site. Players are expected to testify against Watkins now.

Compare and Diverse Your Betting

Bet2Go is reported to have recently launched a site allowing mobile gamblers to compare sportsbetting forecasts and services from their mobile devices.

Bet2Go site is available for both mobile and online casino gamblers. The site allows multiples and accumulated bets to be placed through the site. In addition to that, thanks to a comparison service, gamblers are able to look across multiple events in the sporting industry as well. The site provides its customers with reputable odds and opportunities.

The new service goes live and is expected to go largerin view of the upcoming World Cup.

Gameplan Can Make Gambling Responsible

The Responsible Gaming Device marketed as Gameplan and  introduced to the market by Canadian gaming company TechLink presents a real chance for problem gamblers to control their urges and keep gambling looses under control.

At the moment the device is designed for the use at land casinos, however, it may turn out to be useful for online casino sites as well.

The plug-and-play device can track wagers and results and gives the operator choices to keep the gaming experience safe. The device, running a money management program, lets limit losses in a given time period or bar play either at all or after a certain period of time.

Once the software is installed, the device can be plugged into any machine that will further exchange information with the host machine and set the terms of play for that individual player.

The devise is now being studied by the Internet Gaming Study Committee, and the effectiveness of the device has very has chances to be recommended  for standardized usage.

Spain Remains Protective

The European Court of Justice has finally started supporting the efforts of the European Commission in forcing countries to open their doors to foreign gambling companies.

At the moment Spain is hot on the list of the countries breaking EU gambling laws. The disagreement has risen as a result of tax breaks given only to the players winning from Spanish gambling companies, whereas players who gamble and win at offshore online casino sites are to pay taxes on their winnings.

In spite of the fact that Spain is working with relatively open gambling laws now, it still giving clear preference to Spanish based companies. The taxation policy in Spain is, by no means, protective, however, it is not in compliance with the EU laws.

Online Gambling Market Changes Focus

Online gambling market in Eastern Europe presents a huge potential for the gambling industry. Increased levels of broadband access and rapid development Eastern Europe seem to be more and more attractive for the European gambling companies.

Thus, Spin3 which developed very solid products for the growing mobile online casino gambling industry, has made a firm commitment to move into Eastern Europe. Now, having partnered with Rocketspin, the company can launch new and specifically centered Eastern European centered games.