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About Paul Greefin

Paul Greefin – was born in 1975 in waterford, Ireland. Being a very creative person, Paul decided to enter the prestigious University of London study art there. In 2001 he graduated and started his career as a writer of articles about modern art for layman. One of his colleagues made him interested in gambling and now Paul is a good poker player dreaming of entering a professional league.

YouTube Gambling-Related Adds and Children

YouTube is reported to have finally begun publishing related to gaming ads in the UK. Since the acquisition of YouTube by Google in 2006, lots of things changed.

YouTube is to employ the same software it uses to block children from viewing mature-themed videos.

Online gambling freedom advocates in the US are sure that the same system can be used at internet casinos to prevent underage gambling. Their opponents claim that it will be insufficient, however, they cannot explain why the system will fail for online casinos.

Luck is Random, Prize is Real

Anyone who constantly plays online casino games admits that despite long hours of work and a few losses, the price that you finally can get often turns out to be well above expectations. Mega Jackpots, an online casino slot machine, can be the one to bring you luck and a jackpot that has recently reached 2.5 million pounds.

Mega Jackpot brand includes such slots like Cleopatra, Cludeo or Monopoly, and playing any of them you can win the record breaking jackpot which is still growing. No one knows when the jackpot will be awarded, but a lucky player can be you. But before betting any money, players can try a free play on a number of other slots.

Mega Jackpots is located at Kerching Online Casino which provides service for the UK players. If you want to get a chance to win 2.5 million pounds, sign up with Keching.

Taxing Online Casinos for Economic Benefit

KPMG is an accounting and advisory group around the world struggling for better regulation of the gambling industry.

The group claims that an increase in taxes with online casinos, e.g., would bring a country more revenue. Thus, the Australian government states that their industry will grow by 42% in the next two years what leads to $30 billion in revenue growth. Another example is China and Korea. Both countries have bans on online gambling, and both are fighting against underground online casinos, many of which are scams. So, regulation of online casino gambling industry there would help their economies and generate more jobs for their population.

White Label Platform for Beast’s Network

The Beast Gaming Group is about to offer a white label poker site to the European market (the final stages of preparation are in the process now).

Beast has been looking for high quality gaming platform for quite a while and has finally found one white label platform designed by Intelimax. The platform allows great flexibility.
Beast Gaming hopes that their existing online casino players will respond well to the new internet poker platform.

US Players Still Betting

Nowadays it is not a secret that you can bet almost on anything online. No wonder, sportsbooks have their hands full. This year, lots of bets have been placed on Dancing with the Stars, a popular US TV show that has turned out into an incredible phenomenon over the past several years. Response of the online casino betting industry proves the excitement Dancing with the Stars show raises.

Online casino betting sites are offering odds that are often illegal in the US. Bettors, unless living in Washington State, won’t get any specific penalties. This fact says about a strong desire for regulation in the US market.

Market Development

Being a dynamic industry, online casino gambling industry has to change and adapt its products and technologies on a daily basis. In a year you may not even recognize your favorite gaming site.

In conditions of the reviving economy, lots of sites are getting a makeover to be able to operate in the highly competitive market. Live dealer gaming, new graphics technology and some more things are expected to be launched soon across all the sites in the industry. However, the sites don’t forget about new developments, programs and special features either.

Find Out with What is the life of an AC Milan Player’s players have a real chance to experience a day in the life of an AC Milan player. Being an official sponsor of an Italian football side, has launched this special promotion allowing users to experience the moments before and during an official UEFA Champions League game.

A user after uploading a picture at and providing a name, can become a member of the team and appear in different situations. As soon as a decisive goal is scored by a user, the video closes. So, the first phase is over.

The second phase features a live event at AC Milan’s training centre. 22 winners from the first phase will take part in the second phase and experience a day in the life of a professional football player.

The participants will be present at a press conference with the official welcome and the traditional jersey handover.

The winners are also said to be greeted by soccer stars and enjoy a training session with the Serie A squad.

Protect Gamblers or Protect State Revenues?

Greece is still refusing to comply with the European Commission’s request to readjust policies and regulations and end the existing online gambling state monopoly. The Greek government explains it as a necessary measure to protect Greek citizens from addiction. In reality, it is all about the money. By blocking foreign online casinos and land betting companies, Greece keeps state control over the gambling money in the country.

It is obvious that the state monopoly is not less dangerous than the foreign gambling companies, but state monopoly works for the state budget only, while foreign online casinos site benefit the whole of the EU Economy.

Of course, there are some countries where the state monopoly can be justified, but how to define the country’s genuine interest?

Ladbrokes Encounters Security Breach

The UK paper, the Mail on Sunday, featured a security breach at Ladbrokes. The media storm is created by a person whose name is not known, however he goes by the name “Daniel”. So, Daniel who is believed to have previously worked for Ladbrokes and been able to access players’ information through a security breach, claims to have the information of over 10,000 Ladbrokes account holders up for sale. The information in question contains much more than the name and address of gamblers. It also includes account numbers, gambling history data and other personal details. To say more, Daniel claims he still has access to the rest of the company’s 4.5 million registered players, and that sounds like a fiasco for Ladbrokes.

It is known that at the moment Ladbrokes is working with police to investigate the situation and prevent similar situations in future.

Shay Ben-Yitzhak Chooses Family

Some changes in the upper level management have taken place at 888 Holdings this month. The founder of the company, Shay Ben-Yitzhak, has resigned his position to spend more time with his family.

Ben Yitzhak held the full-time position of non-executive director at the online casino gambling group. With his presence, 888 holdings has become a leader in the market for strong content. The company claims that he has nicely contributed to the group’s growth and now can finally focus on his family.