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Will There Be Room for Online Gambling in USA and Australia?

The global public expressed their support of online casino gambling industry. Despite still existing objections, people in Australia, USA and other countries would like full legalization and regulation of online casinos. The problem is the public’s opinion hasn’t been heard yet, and it looks like governments are afraid that online casinos will overshadow the land gambling industry.

European online gambling market is well developed and regulated. Of course, it is not perfect yet, but they work hard to make online gambling as safe as possible for players. They do their best in monitoring sites and licensing practices in EU countries. It is a fact already that lots of interest has been shifted to the online casinos, however, lots of EU gambling companies observe high levels of land gambling.

Definitely, the US and Australia should look toward Europe in terms of online casino gambling industry development.

New Release from Playtech

Playtech is releasing 5 new online casino games this July. All of the games a five reel video slots.

The first game, called the Archer is based on the legend of Robin Hood. Numerous symbols and 243 ways to win the slots game make it really exciting.

Another games, Rocky Slots, is a 5-reel slots game  with 25 paylines, excellent graphics and interactive bonus round.

The next game is Pharaoh’s Secret. It features different symbols like pyramids, underground passages and scarab beetles. To increase players’ winnings, Playtech added here an Xtra Win factor and a bonus round.

The fourth on the list is Discovery, a five reel 20 payline slots game based on the theme of Christopher Columbus along with the theme of Princess Pocahontas. Wild symbol, scatters, free spins and multipliers make the game distinct and exciting.

Punisher War Zone it the final game on the list. The five reel 20 payline slots game features Marvel Comic characters, wild symbols, scatters, free spins and multipliers. The game has a progressive jackpot.

Online Casinos Against Media

Gambling industry cannot get rid of bad reputation. The reason for that is high level of illicit and illegal activity accompanying the industry all over the world.

One of the main concerns for the industry now is money laundering. Of course, daily large amounts of money that go through gambling sites every single day is a weak point. Online casinos work hard to stop and prevent any suspicious behavior, however it seems to be not enough. The recent arrest of Anna Chapman, a potential Russian spy who was using an online casino gambling site to cover her communications with Russia adds to a huge wave of criticism and doubt.

The case has received much attention in the media which seems to be unfair, however, sensationalism seems to be always winning over direct honesty in the society.

Game of Chance or Skill?

The skill versus chance poker debate is still circulating in the world, as the balance of skill and chance in the game is really delicate. On the one hand, poker gambling sites are ready to introduce the game as a mere skill game, and, on the other hand, such interpretation and classification often fall under country’s internet gambling regulation.

Industry professionals are debating too. Thus, Joe Hachem, the most recognizable poker face in Australia, calls the game a sport comparing it to other sports that use a coin toss and where the element of chance cannot be argued away. However, regardless of the side of the coin, a professional player can always outskill his opponent.

Anyway, the debate can become really lengthy. Somehow it resembles the question “Who appeared first: a chicken or an egg?”

Richard Ashby Raises Profile

The WSOP is well underway this week. There are several bracelet winners already. Thus, Richard Ashby who has been doing pretty well is a bracelet winner for the first time in his life. His winning is over $140,000. So far, Ashby is the third British poker player to have taken a bracelet home.

Over the past year Ashby has been doing incredibly well. He managed to raise his profile among the pros and was upping the land tournament circle in the months preceding this years’ WSOP. Ashby represents Full Tilt online casino poker and is doing much better than anyone could expect.

Big Little Tournament Series Starting

Now, for only $2.20 FullTiltPoker’s players can take part in the promotion and have a chance to buy-in to a no-limit hold’em tournament with a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000.

The Big Little Tournament series begins on July 18 and will take part every other Sunday until October 24. Its winner will get a cash prize of $10,000. The $2.20 buy-in to the tournament can become even less expensive, if you try to win a seat by playing a satellite for only ten cents or ten player points.

Every game is scheduled to start at 12:30pm New York time. 8 games and $800,000 will be paid out in this promotion by

Demographics Change at Online Casinos

The online casino gambling market is constantly growing and developing. No wonder that its demographic pattern changes too.

According to the recent studies, now, a much larger percentage of female, as well as elderly people are enjoying the internet gambling sites as a way to communicate when it is impossible to leave the house. The research demonstrates that 72% of the players are over 40. This information is to be taken really carefully by the casinos so that they could adjust their game topics and themes to the needs of the prevailing demographics.

Another Five Get Licensed in France

Eventually, the second round of licensing has recently been released by the French government and that means that French players will have five more gambling sites to choose from. The newly licensed in France online casino betting sites are ChiliPoker, FriendBet, PokerStars, LuckyJeux and Party Gaming.

Numerous attempts of the European Commission to make France comply with the EU requirements have finally succeeded. The country has recently launched new gambling regulations. Of course, they are still too far from the ideal, but they are much better than the monopoly that was in place previously.

It is believed that France will initiate another licensing round of sites, but the process will take some time. However, more online casino betting sites will be able to legally operate in France.

Will BP File for Bankruptcy?

The Problem of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill has not been solved yet, and the BP oil company is still struggling. The situation has been going on for such a long time that it is not surprising that some online casinos like Paddy Power are now offering odds on the likelihood that BP will be forced to declare bankruptcy by the end of the year as a result of continuous cleaning of the growing oil spill as well as levied by the US fines for every day that the Deepwater Horizon spill continues.

The US Stock Exchange together with online casinos are sure that BP will hardly come back from this situation and become once again the major US petroleum company.

At the moment online casinos are offering odds on the likelihood that BP will file for bankruptcy. So far the odds are 4-1.

Another Summer Tournament Slots Fans

English Harbour group online casinos are about to start Summer Slots II. The second leg with a guaranteed prize pool of $150,000 will run from July 1st till July 31st, and 500 players will share this prize pool. The first prize winner will get $60,000, the second prize winner will get $25,000, while the third prize winner will take home $10,000.

To take part in the Summer Slots II, players will have to pay a $10 entry fee, however, players who have taken part in Summer Slots I and have purchased 5 or more re-buys in the first leg, will have their entry for free.

Summer Slots II is also a re-buy tournament ($10 per re-buy) with a maximum 500 re-buys per player.

Summer Slots II will be played on online slots game Shaaark – a fast paced game with a free spins round feature that awards 10 free spins at doubled payouts.

Summer Slots II will be held at all online casinos of the English Harbor group.