Monthly Archives: February 2010

Estonia Block Foreign Online Gambling Operators

Now, with the implementation of Gambling Act in Estonia, all online casino sites located at servers outside the country will be blocked. According to the Act, online casinos are to be run from servers located in the country, pay a licensing fee and a 5% sales tax on gross revenue. The recent change in law is supposed to increase government revenues,

According to the Estonia Free Press, this condition will be lifted next year. If the market in the country does not open for foreign Internet gambling operators, Estonia may face an exodus of gaming business.

Implementation of the Gambling Act has made Estonia the latest member of EU to disregard treaty rules demanding all members to accept each other’s licensing and regulatory procedures.

Sweden Adds Age Restriction

Despite EU demands for an open and fair online casino gambling market, Sweden is still refusing compliance with this police. In fact, the country has a very well protected state monopoly keeping foreign online casinos out of the market and at the same time prosecuting betting and gambling companies that force themselves into the market.

In view of that, Sweden has been criticized on a number of issues. And one of the claims is that Sweden’s regulations do not prevent underage gambling. To get rid the country of unneeded criticism, Swedish officials have announced new gambling regulations that add age restriction to all gambling going through the state monopoly. So, now Swedish citizens can start gambling from the age of 18 only.

Internet Filtered Out in Australia

Lots of western countries have the practice of filtering online casinos. Recently the Australian government has announced the plans to censor questionable content from the Australian market via filtering programs and the plans have raised international outrage. One of the main objections to censorship is the precedence that it sets for other industries.

The brightest example is China where the government filters out a unbelievable number of “unsafe” web sites that contain everything from international news to online casino sites and most major social networking sites. So, there is fear that Australian government will switch from online casinos and questionable sites to the sites containing less controversial topics.

Despite a serious wave of objections, Australian Communication Minister has announced that the Internet filters are supposed to go into effect this year.