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Ladbrokes’ Sportsbook Growing

Ladbrokes is reported to have launched a new version of its Gibraltar-licensed sportsbook which is mainly focused on in-play betting with a dedicated module on its homepage featuring current betting events alongside links to the Ladbrokes TV live streaming service.

Having invested over three million pounds in securing online broadcast rights for a range of sports that, with the exception of horseracing, will be free to view for the registered customers, Ladbrokes announced their plans to stream over 30,000 live sporting events in 2010 (live top-flight soccer from 11 nations including Italy, Portugal and Brazil, FA Cup matches, international football games, UEFA Champions League qualifiers, Wimbledon and Australian Open tennis events, cricket, etc). A minimum bet of one pound is required to access horseracing service.

Real Life Can Be Fun, the online casino and sportsbook site, has recently turns the giant Roue De Concorde in Paris into a giant roulette wheel for a free online game.

The Ferris wheel on the Place de la Concorde near the centre of the French capital will virtually spin like a roulette wheel at Contestants who guess the correct number will be awarded with cash prizes.

The event is sponsored by the same French public relations firm that helped save Parisian from the flu by handing out free face masks on the streets.

John Benjamin, manager for said: “We wanted to use something in real life like the Roue De La Concorde for this event because we think real life can be fun”.

Bingo Groups Thank Bad Weather

Bingo sites are reporting huge increase in the number of players attending the sites, especially after the bad weather. No wonder, internet gambling allows the convenience of choosing when and where you gamble. And when bad weather hits, gamblers stay indoors and turn to online casinos.

Thus, Wink Bingo reported that over the past two weeks 50% more players were choosing their low cost bingo games. The Rank Group saw a 29% increase in the internet players over the same period of time.

New Portion of Excitement for Fans of Sports Wagering

UK-registered is a recently launched free platform where bettors can place and sell their predictions for money. In addition to that, the site features sports news, odds data and fixture info, tracks the performance and success rate of tippers. There, tippers make money by selling predictions to others and buyers make money by using these tips to place bets.

Rob Mathieson, Managing Director for said: “…if you’re good, you are likely to attract a large following and you could make a fortune.”

The site has been developed for those who can see its money-making potential, as well as for those who want up-to-date sporting news, data and a fun way to spend time.

New Deal – Better Service

The main goal for online casinos is to provide quality gaming services. As for payment processing, it requires experience in this field, that is why online casinos outsource it to third parties. Thus, recently CryptoLogic has signed a three-year deal with Realex Payments for undertaking its card processing requirements (today Realex Payments has over 3,500 clients across Europe).

In accordance with the agreement, Realex Payments is to provide CryptoLogic with comprehensive payment processing services across a variety of currencies, regions and card types, as well as its card acquiring partners with a gateway service.

Kieron Nolan, Director of Treasury at Cryptologic, explains the reason for selecting Realex: “Although we had a very tight deadline and an extensive wish list of specific requirements, Realex was able to implement the solution quickly and efficiently, meeting our demands in the timeframe required”.

Players at CryptoLogic online casinos are assured of security and reliability and promised to enjoy better payment processing services.

The Choice of UK Moms

According to the UK study, stay-at-home mothers prefer online casinos to the outside world. Four out of five surveyed moms socialize with friends, shop and gamble at online casinos at least once a day. Almost 25% of them spend two hours or even more gambling online.

Before, the majority of stay-at-home moms spent most of their time in front of TV. Now the TV number is declining what seems to be a natural evolution to superior technology.

The changes look harmless to many analysts, however, there are some groups who think of the necessity to regulate the time online to avoid shirking other duties and possibility if gambling addiction.

Take Online Gambling with a Grain of Salt

Lots of players gambling online perceive gambling as a way of making money. Nobody will deny the fact that somebody will win, but you should also understand that somebody will lose too. And there are far more losers than winners. Healthy internet gambling means fun and relaxation.

Playing online it’s really important to enjoy the game for just what it is – a game itself. The “money” perception doesn’t work here. It is all about luck, and no one can change that. Yes, people win, but in most cases their winnings are tiny, however, these little wins are still keeping people on the site. Remember, there is only one jackpot winner, and he is the one to take home lion’s share of the prizes.

ITNet Consulting Business Partners with NeoGames

ITNet Consulting Business, a Spanish holding company, is reported to be provided with fully managed services by NeoGames, to create the first Spanish scratch card offering found at Players will find over 50 themed and instantly gratifying scratch games on the site.

Shay B. Joseph, CFO at NeoGames, comments: “Our partnership with ITnet Consulting Business is a great accomplishment as we expand our scratch card brand portfolio across Europe, by entering the Spanish market with a well established online business. We have no doubt … will develop into a strong local brand”.

Carlos Blanco, CEO at ITnet Consulting Business states: “We are really proud of this partnership with NeoGames. It will help to increase our focus on the Spanish gaming market as well as widening our range of leisure products. We look forward to building a great brand with and its games and become a reference for the Spanish scratch card players.”

Teams will Battle for Ultimate Glory

Teams from 16 nations (from the US, Canada, Macedonia, Australia and England, etc) have a chance for the next six months to participate in the Team World Poker Cup launched by

The ultimate winners will be crowned in June.

A moderator and one of the event organizers for league said: “It is amazing to see how people are bonding together in league, which is a normal team league that has been organized for a few years. With the new Team World Poker Cup, people from all over the world will come together just to play a game of poker and to chat. Personally, I find that fantastic”.

Another Reason to Switch to Online Casinos

With the Super Bowl approaching, more and more bettors are turning to online casinos to wager on the potential NNFL champion. The reason for a switch from land casinos to online casinos is the fact that it not only easier to place a bet with the online casino operator, but the online payouts are much more generous.

Thus, MGM Mirage casinos carry the Pittsburgh Steelers at 75 – 1, Harrah’s – at 50 – 1, while Gamblers’ Palace, the Internet Gambling site, features them at 100 – 1. The New Orleans Saints at 3.5 – 1 at Gamblers’ Palace, 3.65 at the Greek, while MGM pays only 3 – 1 and Harrah’s – 2 – 1, if the Saints win out.