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Astraware Expands its Line of Mobile Online Games

More and more new companies enter the mobile online casino gambling market bringing fresh ideas and new game releases. With the growth of Astraware, a fast growing mobile gaming software provider, a subsidiary of Handmark, Inc, lots of providers will face a rival having the unique opportunity to offer gamers in new markets a mobile platform alternative.

Specializing in handheld computers, Astraware has already managed to get a positive reputation in the internet gaming industry. As the online casino mobile gaming industry launched over past the two years, Astraware provides Handmark with specific mobile devices like PDAs, smartphones, and some other mobile devices.

Possessing a whole line of mobile online games, Astraware is now offering Texas Hold’Em No Limit Poker which is supposed to increase Astraware’s viability in the market. Other popular games on the company’s platform are Slots, Video Poker, Video Keno, Roulette, Blackjack, etc.

Unfortunately, some basic phones won’t be able to run Astraware products, as company’s gaming platform works only on mobile devices having an actual computing operating system.

To note: the Astraware gaming platform is currently available and is a downloadable game.

Parlay Entertainment Received Two Awards

Parlay Entertainment is known to have received two awards at the first Online Bingo Awards: its bingo software Parlay 4 was named Best Online Bingo Software 2008, while its patent-pending side game BingoBets was recognized as Best Online Bingo Innovation 2008. Paddy Power, Parlay’s licensee was recognized as Best Newcomer 2008.

Parlay 4 debuted in 2006, and initially they introduced the standard for excellence in online bingo software. Parlay 4 was the first to introduce tabbed components, a larger chat area, auto-purchase and multiple ways to select bingo cards.

BingoBets, the world’s first bingo side game introduced by Parlay 4, allows players to place up to nine different wagers on every bingo game they play. There, fortunes change with every number called. The game also adds visual flair, offers more chances to win and increases bingo revenue for operators.

Parlay Entertainment has recently launched the next generation of online bingo software – Parlay 5. Thanks to it, bingo operators will be able to increase their liquidity by pooling players who speak different languages and use different currencies into a single bingo game. Besides, it will enable operators to fully differentiate their bingo brands in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

The New Online Lotto Site in the UK Gambling Market

A new online lotto site powered by MyLotto24 group (the company was founded in 1999) is to be launched into the UK gambling market in the nearest future. However, there is no confirmed launch date for the site. Thanks to the 2005 Gambling Act in the UK, the gambling market is expanding.

This new site will offer lotto and other internet-based games to the readers of The Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror.
In spite of the fact that MyLotto24 is a relatively small company in the online gambling industry, the group is know to be operating in four countries. They offer internet games to more than two million people. MyLotto24 caters to the niche market of smaller business looking for a small selection of internet-based games to offer to the company’s consumers.

The Sunday Mirror and Daily Mirror (both a part of The Mirror – a UK based media group) will definitely benefit from the online lotto site.

AsianLogic Appoints New CEO

Tom Hall, the founder of AsianLogic and executive vice chairman, has been appointed the Chief Executive for the group, while Christopher Parker, the former vice chairman, is positioned as a director of the group and a chief executive of the Asian Poker Tour.

Being of Eurasian Hong Kong origin, Hall is considered to be an expert in the field of Asia Pacific interactive gaming. Besides, he has extensive knowledge in international customer growth and the increase of customized software solutions for the Asian marketplace. Haill is also well known for the director and president of software developer Playtech’s operations in the field.

His experience includes such positions as Chief Executive Officer of TTR Strategic Holdings Limited (“TTR”), an Asia Pacifc focused financial services group; CEO of its data processing associate – NAV Limited; a non-executive director of a number of gaming and technology companies and, in addition, work in Swiss private banking and private client financial services in the UK and Hong Kong.

Sports Betting in Canadian Land Casinos

Jim Warren, a former senior official at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission said sports betting in Canada will bring tourists. “In order to attract Americans to the border casinos in Windsor and Niagara Falls, you have to provide them with exciting entertainment opportunities…” said Warren.

What Warren is speaking about is the idea of introduction of Las Vegas style sports betting in land casinos. Especially it concerns the land casino business in Niagara Falls and Windsor which is not going well. The idea is already being discussed at federal and provincial level. In case the proposals will go through, gamblers will be able to wager the outcome of individual football, baseball, hockey, basketball, soccer and other games.

Ontario casinos already have sports book network in place with TV screens, scoreboards and seating, but betting is limited to the government operated Pro-Line.

With sports betting permitted only in Las Vegas, US, Ontario casinos could get a major advantage over American competitors.

It must be noted that Canadian bureaucracy does not favor Internet gambling; however, it seems that they think differently about land sports betting.

Euro 2008 is Followed by Arrests in Thailand

More than 1,000 people were arrested and $30,000 was confiscated in Thailand. The people arrested were charged with gambling on Euro 2008 football matches. There were 192 bookies, 831 punters and 75 others among them.

As for the confiscated money, the sum is very small in comparison with the estimates by research company Kasikom which estimated that Thai gamblers would bet $1.2 billion.

As the police report, additional investigations would cause the prosecution of the biggest gambling operators.

With gambling banned in Thailand, police organized a special squad to keep an eye on major gambling criminals on the national scale. In accordance with the law, gamblers can be fined 1,000 baht or jailed for up to one year.
However, lots of Thais try to avoid the ban by going to Cambodia and Myanmar.

InterCasino Celebrates Tour de France

InterCasino is hosting a tournament based on the Tour de France, with a total of 11 stages to take part in, with prizes available each day based on how much players have wagered.

There, every $1 wagered is an equivalent of 1 km. To travel the most km’s over one day is the objective. So, the player who travels the most km’s can win up to $75 each day and a unique jersey.

Players can also get special prizes for overall results. Thus, the player who travels the longest distance overall wins $200 and a yellow jersey, while the person who travels the longest distance and he is younger than 26, wins $100 and a white jersey.

You can play 4 stages during the promotion, with different games such as Online Slots, Video Poker and casual games such as Roulette on every stage.

It must be noted that there are special trial stages where a time limit is given to wager $200 on the Streetfighter Slot game. Winners receive a $10 bonus. A $15 bonus is also awarded if you travel 500km within days 1-5, or days 7-12.

The 10th of July and the 17th of July are the pay days.

The Number of Online Casino Sites in the UK is Growing

The number of UK-based online gaming sites is likely to rise, as the UK Gambling Commission has allowed licenses for online casinos using Chartwell technology.

Chartwell is a Canadian company having online poker, casinos, bingo and soft games including scratch off games on their list. Chartwell is rather ambitious, ad they hope their name will stand side by side with such giant names as Cryptologic, Playtech and Microgaming.

The issued licenses are remote and non-remote and they can operate online as casino and gambling sites. Despite the fact that lots of their products are at the stage of being tested, the idea seems to become a success, and innovative platforms are believed to take UK casinos a step above the competition.

Fortune Lounge Launched Dual Promotion

For the entire month of July and August, Fortune Lounge’s affiliates and players can participate in promotional tournaments which are already available at one of the most popular Fortune Lounge’s casinos – Platinum Play Casino.

Fortune Lounge will be awarding more incentive for referred players, as well as“Vault of Mystery” bonuses to players as part of Fortune Lounge’s “Xmas in July” promotion.

The “Vault of Mystery” promotion being aimed at affiliates offers over 60,000 credits in to be given away during weekly promotions, with 100,000 in the final vault alone. The top winner is promised to receive 20,000 credits. In addition to that, there are 50 hidden keys up for grabs every week. They can be used to unlock the final vault containing 100,000 in real money credits. The list of winners can already be found on the “Winners Wall” web site page.

Players can enter the tournaments either via email messages or by means of the “Message of the Day” when logging into the casino platform. But the easiest way to enter is by downloading the Fortune Lounge Personal Manager – a little application sitting on your computer’s desktop and alerting you when you’ve got a new message.

Not only are they providing custom banners and marketing bundles for affiliates, Fortune Lounge is offering special commission bonuses for affiliates who refer new players during the promotional time frame.

Intralot Gaining Italian Market

Intralot is continuously growing, and new acquisitions in the Italian gambling market is another sign of the company’s excellent performance in the following few years.

The acquisition of the William Hill and Codere Italia betting company is a major step towards domination of the Italian betting market. Due to the government restrictions in the Italian gambling industry, Intralot offers only betting solutions there, but the company is actually prominent in the European online gambling, poker, and betting industries, as well as other emerging sectors

Almost 50 gambling markets present the Intralot brand. Its online casinos, gambling and betting sites operate in 45 countries.

The CEO at Intralot, Constantinos Antonopoulos, recently commented: “Intralot optimizes and consolidates its position in the Italian market through this significant acquisition. The fact that we have managed to gain an impressive market share in such limited time inspires a clear vision; to continue our successful course to the top, offering more exciting gaming experiences to the Italian community.”