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Playing a Slot Machine: is it Always Exciting?

Playing a slot machine can turn into a criminal offence, if… you have attacked a slot machine.

Truy Huu Phung was playing a slot machine at Catfish Bend Casino last July. Suddenly he started bashing the machine. As it seemed to him, nobody saw the incident. But he was mistaken. His outburst of anger was seen on surveillance cameras. The machine was checked. The officials found that the last inserted club card belonged to Phung.

Phung was arrested. He is charged with second degree criminal mischief – it I up to five years in prison. Trial should take place in November. Phung has plead not guilty.

Is Unibet Mistaken?

A complaint has been recently placed by the Belgian Gaming Commission against online gambling group Unibet regarding “its political proposition betting policy on the formation of the nation’s new government”. The commission regards Unibet’s game of chance at the time of the formation of a new government to be against the law. As for Unibet, they think that real money betting on political events is legal. Unibet’s site offers gamblers 25 to one odds for those who think a new Government will be formed before October 1, dropping to 2.5 to one if they pick a date after December 1, 2007.

Under Belgian law the event is forbidden, except licensed sports competitions and horse racing. Organization of this kind of betting is not an obstacle in other European countries, so it must be in Belgium – Unibet points out.

In case the company is mistaken, they will have to pay a fine of up to $140,755. More over, a penalty of a six-month to five-year suspension may be imposed on them. Selling bought its Gibraltar-based only 18 months ago, but there are rumors that is in discussions with some unknown party regarding the sale of its sportsbook subsidiary. People guess Irish company Boyle Sports may turn out to be the buyer. purchased for approximately 25 million. According to the latest company research, there are more than 46,000 active customers. More than 11,000 new customers have signed up this year.

The business has operated in poor trading conditions, no wonder it resulted in a pre-tax loss of $7.4 million.

Losing You May Earn

A bad beat is not always disappointing. It is not bad when players are seated at a Bar Beat Jackpot table, because a winning hand that actually loses means jackpot for all of the players involved in the game.

Bad Beat jackpots were designed to reward players who lose a Texas Hold’em game with a hand that is favored to win. Players who lose the Texas Hold’em game with a hand of four 8’s or better trigger the jackpot. is the place where the most recent Bad Jackpot was won. The jackpot was $821,670, what is the biggest jackpot of this kind won at online casino poker sites. $267,043 went to the “favored to win” loosing hand, $133,521 and some change to the player who actually won the hand, and $33,380 to all other players in the Texas Hold’em game.

Will Next Months Bring Profit to Mississippi Coast Casinos

This year it’s been 15 years of gambling for Mississippi Coast casinos. To say more, it’s been their best August on record, as the gross gaming revenue amounted to $108.9 million. The figure has dropped by 12% in comparison with July (an all time record was set in July with the opening of the Hard Rock Casino – it was as high as $124.7 million), but still, it is a record.

Revenue at casinos in Mississippi’s river counties in August also dropped from $143 million to $130.9 million. As for the state revenue, with the Coast and river casinos lower, it also dropped. The total state revenue so far stands at $1.98 billion, while the goal is $3 billion.

Mike Bruffey, an associate with the Biloxi law firm of Brown Buchanan and a casino development consultant, claims that investors take into consideration the monthly revenue. So, the fluctuations “might impact the scope of their project”. Bruffey thinks that a key to expanding the marketing area of the casinos beyond the Coast is the expansion of Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport and more non-casino attractions.

CanAffco Launches Affiliate Program

The launch of the new exclusive affiliate program called Care Rewards (the name CARE stands for Canaffco Affiliate Rewards), has been recently announced by the Canadian Affiliate Management Company ( The program provides affiliates with additional compensation for their success “allowing them to work with the merchants that they choose to, instead of who they are told to”.

CARE points are awarded by participating merchants for new player registrations, conversions, ongoing activity and joining their affiliate program. E.g. having registered on the site of CanAffco, an affiliate is awarded with 500 CARE points., CanAffco’s new affiliate travel site, gives CARE points for bookings. So, their affiliates will be able to use their points if they want to attend CAP and CAC affiliate conferences and poker tournaments or if they want to take a vacation.

Being a Bronze Sponsor, CanAffco will represent their merchants and meet with affiliates at the CAP Euro conference in Barcelona, October 5th to 7th.

Online Casinos Changing

Five former executives of and BetOnSports are going to take on the management of a new online bookmaker – (a UK company).

The company will offer wagers on all major sporting events and bets on various topics ranging from entertainment to politics. Having amazing benefits from a LiveDealer Casino application, the site also offers players casino games with real-life, live dealers via the Internet.

The offer is expected to change the face of online casinos, as nothing can be compared with real-time interaction with the dealer, an opportunity to see and hear every hand or spin as they are happening.

Will they Built a Manchester Supercasino?

Liberal Democrats doubt that Manchester’s supercasino will ever be built. The casino could have generated millions of pounds, people could have been provided with jobs, the community could have been boosted.

As it has become known, Gordon Brown “has a moral objection to a supercasino”. So, at the Liberal Democrats’ cGonference in Brighton, culture and sport spokesman Don Foster will ask the prime minister to fund an alternative regeneration package.

Manchester council still wishes for the casino to be built. Sends Players to the WPT

Winners of the tournament held by will take part in the World Poker Tour (WPT) North American Championship in October.

The last in the series of’s Super Satellites will take place this Sunday. Its players will be able to qualify for the Niagara Falls event. The buy-in for this qualifier is $200 plus a fee of $12.

There are 8 winners left after the last competition held on Sunday. And the competition is claimed to have been pretty stiff.

As for’s Gold Card Poker Tour Leaderboard contest, its final has taken place this week. The top 100 players will join 100 players from the previous contest for the Gold Card Poker Tour Final on September 29. Then, the ultimate winner will be awarded with the WPT North American Poker Championship prize package of $12,000. The prize package includes the $10,000 registration fee for the WPT North American Poker Championship tournament and travel expenses to the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Canada. have given away $25,000 in tournament prizes over the summer. The company is going to continue into the fall with the WPT qualifiers and the Million Dollar Free Roll Tournament that also started this month.

Online Gambling Companies Prefer Malta to the UK

The British Gambling Act on September 1st made a lot of online gambling operators think how to get on the white list – to be able to advertise on Mass Media.

Malta is one of the countries to be on the white list what attracts online gambling companies. Thus, their number has grown from 84 online gaming companies chartered in Malta to 111. 36 more are still waiting for approval of their license applications.

In accordance with the decision, online casinos will be taxed at the going rate given to land based casinos, 15%. Malta, on the other hand, has reduced tax rates cut to 2.5% thus making it a popular choice over the UK and its significantly higher tax rate.