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The Magazine Available Online

The website has made it possible for its visitors to access archives of its platinum member’s magazine. Thus, stories, features and articles, plus up-to-date advertisements will be available for everyone who logs on.

Besides, the online version of the magazine will present interviews with renowned poker players, info on gaming strategy and, poker tips, and reviews.

Eventually all the pages of the popular magazine will be available online. Now, its readers have a choice: whether to read a print copy or online.

Gambling Auction Soon to Take Place

The largest, probably, gambling auction will take place on the 16th of June 2007, 10 am PT, at the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. The gambling collection, 70 years in the making, belonging to Sidney H. Radner, the renowned gaming expert, will be presented there.

The items in the collection vary from a “poker limit” sign to a very rare “Money From Paper” device. There you’ll find cards, chips, catalogs, games, toys, artwork, pull tabs, professional gaming equipment, gaffed devices and books. Some of the items are really exclusive: a Diana Layout, Bar top vintage Twenty-One machine, horse race wheel, Poker Spinnerette game, automatic card dealing machine, gimmicked and unusual dice, and a vest pocket slot machine that may be more than 100 years old.

The prices of the items vary as well starting from $2 up to $7500-$12,500.
As for the owner of the collection, he is a very interesting person as well. He used to be a specialist in cheating devices, but then he was tapped by police and made conduct seminars on cheating and write articles later he added training films
If you cannot participate in the “Live Auction”, visit the “Live Auction” section of ebay.

Indian Casinos Getting More and More Profit

Indian gambling in the US is said to be growing much faster than Las Vegas. It has been reported than gross revenues in 2006 totaled $25 billion – that is 11% percent more than in the year of 2005.

According to the law passed by Congress in 1988, Indian tribes were allowed to run slot machines and other games like video poker, bingo, etc. As a result there are 415 Indian gambling facilities that operate there.

In spite of the fact that tribal gambling is relatively young, it proves to be a success.

No More Bets on Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen 3

Online sportsbook Bodog has stopped taking bets on Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen 3 TV show permanently for this season. The reason for that is abnormal betting patterns on Rock, a 30-year-old chef from Spotsylvania, Virginia. The website’s security department noticed that Bodog’s odds on the chef’s victory changed from seven-to-one at the beginning of the betting to two-to-one at the time of the show’s premiere.

The investigation has shown a number of links to the TV network’s employees responsible for Hell’s Kitchen 3. A similar situation happened several years ago as well. At that time some people working for the Survivor reality TV show were using information to make bets on the winner and spread this information available to others. Bodog had nothing to do but to pull all the bets.

The TV show is not over yet, and it’s not clear who’ll become a winner. But the decision has been taken, and Bodog ceased taking bets on the winner to be.

The WSOP Faces Great Start

Being only 21 years old, Steve Billirakis beca,e the youngest player to win in the tournament. The title of a record-breaker is not the only thing he may be proud of. He also won $536,287 and a Corum watch in the mixed $5,000 buy-in WSOP Hold’em event.

An amazing thing is that Billirakis had been confident that he would win. Greg ‘FBT’ Mueller became a runner-up having won $328,554.

Practically 4,ooo players tried their luck. There were 3,000 secured seats. 800 were waiting for other players to fold.

The total prize pool made up $2,119,700 Sponsors Winners

Daniel Carter, a player, being only 19 years old, managed to beat off 126 players in the World Head’s-Up Poker Tournament. The young player made his way to the finals. He became second, only having given in Jeff Kimber.

During the tournament, Carter was given a nickname “Kid”. That “kid” managed to win 90,000 euros of the prize pool. The game being dramatic became even more dramatic when WSOP bracelet winner Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott was beaten by the player.

Daniel’s winning can be considered to be a huge success. Hardly anyone thought Carter would become a winner. Now, may be proud of him.

The Global Gaming Expo 2007 and Its Products.

The Global Gaming Expo (G2E) will take place at the Macau Tower Convention & Entertainment Centre in Macau from June 13-14. There, Pacificnet Games (Pact Games), a subsidiary of PacificNet, is going to present its Asian gaming Technology by carrying out private seminars.

The gaming market in this region is rapidly growing. They expect an increase in the number of visitors. They also expect a growing need for Asian-themed games. Thus, PacificNet hopes that its products will meet better the needs and wants of Asian Gamers.

New Face of Titan

The site belonging to Titan Poker has been recently re-modeled and redesigned. Colors have been changed from soft blues to red and black. Besides, educational content has been added to the site. As a result, a new facility called “Titan Poker Academy” has appeared. There players can learn or improve their skills. There is a series of interactive lessons:

* Poker Lessons: presentation involving interactive, step by step Poker tutorials.

* Poker Basics: a beginner’s guide to the basics of the game.

* Beginners Club: all about learning how to play better poker from solid foundations to skilful and controlled action.

* Pro Club: Tells, including chip psychology, bluffing, to how to win online poker tournaments.

The site is multilingual. It is accessible in 11 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Danish and Dutch. More over, more Flash technology has been added.

888’s start to 2007

888 Holdings plc is going to release new games (including Crazy Blackjack) despite its share price dropping and the company’s decision to leave the American market. The company was expected to close or sell their US business after Internet gaming had been banned there. Fortunately, 888 had already built up its non-American business. Now, they claim that the company gets 45% of its sales from the UK and 36% – from the rest of Europe.

Having increased its research spending to $19 million, and introducing new games practically every month, 888 managed to rebuild its business.

This time, the release of the new games means nothing but a very good start to 2007.

Survey on Problem Gambling in NSW

The NSW government commissioned the survey on gambling and problem gamblers in the state. 5,000 people have been surveyed. The right approach of dealing with gambling addicts and implementation of better strategies for dealing with them explains why the survey was started.

According to the research, problem gamblers are mostly unmarried young men with a limited high school education. Their amount was found to be 0.8%. So, the number of problem gamblers has decreased in comparison with 1999 when the figure was said to be 2.55%.

It’s interesting to know that women who are more than 65 years old, who have university education and live in the city, very rarely have problems with gambling.

The survey has shown that lotteries are the most popular form of gambling. Poker machines, horse or dog racing follow them.
Another figure that should not be taken for granted is the number of people depending on alcohol or illicit drugs among the problem gamblers.